Desiree SimsDesiree is a loving mother, aspiring millionaire, author, health & wellness expert, dreamer, dancer, comedian, traveler, & vibrant person who brings joy & inspiration to every room that she enters.

Her unique talent is as a “Back to Basics Step by Step Health” Expert who currently serves clients worldwide.  She provides easy to implement strategies that has helped many get extra-ordinary results quickly.  She takes “getting healthy” from complicated to simple to help you achieve long term results.

The principles that she teaches have done a tremendous service for her health and vitality as well. Desiree hasn’t been sick in over 8 years, and has all the energy she needs to run her business, take care of her family and enjoy life!

She wants the same for you and she is committed to helping you live the life you were meant to live.

Are you ready to take your life to finally have the life and body of your dreams?  If so, email her at or connect with her at