How To Be Sexy In 3 Simple Steps

By May 5, 2013Confidence

Many women think that they must be born sexy and because of this, some of the sexiest women haven’t been able to truly let their personalities shine. Now, it doesn’t necessarily take “sex appeal” to attract a man or feel good about yourself so don’t be frightened of the word “sexy” or of the journey to becoming sexy. The road to your sexy self involves  three simple steps that any woman can implement.

  1. Be Healthy – I’m not saying go out and lose 20 or 30 pounds because being super-skinny is not sexy, but being healthy is. A healthy, tone body is going to attract attention and make you feel sexy and have a boost of confidence, which is important in being sexy. Health tip: for afternoon snacks, instead of reaching for a chocolate bar, try black licorice. Studies suggest that the scent from licorice may turn you on!
  2. Be Independent – Not every man is attracted to a woman based on her looks. In fact, a large number of the male population is attracted to a certain lifestyle: an independent way of life. An independent woman knows what she wants out of life, is passionate about her hobbies, interested in her job (most of the time!), and knows she is strong and sexy. She also knows she doesn’t have to have a man by her side to survive. Most importantly, she is confident in her own skin. Sometimes men can be intimidated by this, but what they don’t realize is that although they aren’t “needed” by an independent woman, they are “wanted” by her.
  3. Wear a Smile – It’s obvious that a smile is draw attention, but did you know that a recent study suggests that a smile can actually enhance how sexy you come off? Maintain healthy hygiene and ensure your teeth are sparkling white to give your smile a boost! Oh, and don’t forget to keep breath spray or mints on hand…you never know when you may need it at a spur of the moment!

While you can follow all the other tips and tricks out there, such as plumping up your lips, wearing red or lace, and having shiny hair, it is the above-mentioned three steps that are going to really catch the attention of the opposite sex. In fact, without a healthy physique, independent personality and a beautiful smile on your face, the other tips on how to be sexy won’t do much good.

Let me leave you with this one final piece of advice: no matter what someone else wants, do not change who or what you are for them. It’s simply not worth it. You are beautiful the way you are.