Pre Wedding Detox Plan

By January 22, 2013Detox

You probably heard of women ‘detoxing’ a week before their wedding.  Detoxifying your body has many great benefits including weight loss, clearer skin, and an improved sense of well-being.  Detoxing is simply another word for cleansing the body of toxins we take in everyday, mainly from the food we eat.  With your wedding coming up, you might want to go on a detox program perhaps to lose a few more pounds, have a glowing skin or to have renewed energy and feel vibrant on your big day.

The following are simple ways to follow for your pre-wedding detox plan.

1. Eat more raw foods.
The closer a food is to its natural state, the fewer chemicals it contains. Food additives and preservatives are great for longer shelf life but they actually harm our bodies in the long run. That is why you need more foods that are either raw or personally cooked. When you’re on a detox, go for raw simple foods such as fruits, vegetables and nuts. It is best to avoid anything that is fried, processed, baked or salted.

2. Keep yourself hydrated.
With all the hustle and bustle in the wedding preparations, it is easy to forget to drink adequate amounts of water. Keeping yourself hydrated is important to ensure that your body is working in tiptop condition and also to help flush out toxins. The body can actually detoxify itself everyday if it is well-hydrated. Aim for 2 liters of water every day. It may sound much but if you carry a 500 ml water bottle with you wherever you go, you’ll soon find out that 2 liters is not that plenty.

3. Juice detox.
Some people go on a juice cleanse, cutting food intake and drinking only fresh raw juice. This supplies the body of necessary enzymes and vitamins essential for healing and repair. If you find yourself unable to live on just juice, try doing a modified juice cleanse. You can do this by eating a healthy diet mostly consisting of leafy greens, fruits and vegetables for breakfast and lunch, and then going on all-juice fast for dinner. If you want to prepare your juices at home, you need a juicer or blender to start with.

4. Move about.
When you’re on detox, you need to increase your body’s circulation to effectively clean out your system. Aim to walk or jog for about 30 minutes. You’re probably thinking that you’ve already done enough moving about as you rush from one place to another for the wedding preparations. In this case, you need to unwind. A good walk around the neighborhood enjoying the fresh air will help clear your mind and is good for the body as well.

5. Rest.
Getting enough rest and sleep will aid in the body’s natural healing process, which is what the detoxification program is all about.

Detoxing can mean different things to different women. Try not to rush yourself into doing an all-juice fast if you’re not ready. Listen to your body. Too much of a good thing will make it bad for you. If done properly, detoxing can help rejuvenate your body and you’ll reap the benefits – you’ll lose a few pounds, look slimmer and be more radiant on your wedding day!