Hey 🙂 I thought it would be fun to make a list of 50 random things that you may or may not know about me.  Here We Go Joe 🙂

1.  I love to dance around like a crazy person when I am cooking, cleaning and everything in between.

2.  I am a Gemini and have the traits of one. Watch out I can be really nice but if you do me wrong you will experience the heat. 🙂

3.  I love, love, love bruschetta!

4.  I am a huge sap.  I cry at almost any sad movie, love story, and especially when the commercials come on for saving the animals or children.

5.  I love to read.

6.  I am a survivor of domestic violence.

7.  I have no problem striking up random conversations with people and actually enjoy meeting new people daily.

8.  I am a free spirit and like to go with the flow.

9.  My mom is my SHEro.  I wish she didn’t leave the earth so soon but I hope she is proud of all that I am becoming.

10.  I have the best family EVERRRRRR!!!!

11. I don’t like spending time getting my hair or nails done.


13.  I have never been married but hope to be some day to my prince charming. 🙂

14.  I’m obsessed with finding out the truth on how to help people get healthy and stay that way with out drugs or surgery.

15.  I love country music.

16.  I love to go out with my friends & dance the night away.

17.  I love Jib Jab Videos.

18.  I love that I am in my early 30’s and I am enjoying every moment of getting older.  I am like a fine wine.  I get better with age.

19.  My son is my greatest inspiration.  He makes life so much better and I look forward to him growing up to be a magnificent man.

20.  I wish I could paint beautiful landscapes without using paint by numbers.

21.  I love watching Disney movies or pretty much any animated movie.

22.  I hate scary movies and refuse to watch anything that is scary, too twisted or dark.

23.  My favorite movies are comedies and more specifically romantic comedies.

24.  I love to cuddle up in front of a fire, drink wine and talk.

25.  Eggnog makes me want to vomit.

26.  I wish I could speak Italian.

27.  I want to take a trip to Italy.

28.  I’ve been wearing the same earrings for months and rarely switch up because my ears are sensitive.  I don’t really have a ton of jewelry either.  I sparkle enough 🙂

29.  I am not afraid to go out in public with out any makeup.  I usually do. I am who I am.

30.  My favorite holiday is my birthday 🙂

31.  My mom used to call me an enigma … I am starting to see why.

32.  I want to learn how to cook extravagant dishes.

33. I usually walk really fast and sometimes scare people on accident.

34.  I love to entertain and try to bring fun with me wherever I go.

35.  I played the trumpet when I was in 5 grade.

36.  I am fascinated with psychology and philosophy.

37.  I prefer hot weather.  Maybe I should think about moving down south.

38.  I believe that anyone can change no matter their age … IF THEY WANT TO.

39.  I believe that we all have guardian angels.

40.  Every night before bed my son and I say what we are thankful for.

41.  This is harder than I thought to come up with random facts.

42.  I was only in detention one time in high school and it was because the teacher was mad I was helping the class because no one understood what she was trying to say.

43.  I broke both of my bones in my left forearm my senior year in high school running over (falling over) a hurdle.  I still have the plate and screws in my arm from my surgery.

44.  I was a cheerleader and still am at heart.

45.  I get so focused and excited about my work that I forget to eat an actual meal.  (I will snack though.  I always have raisins on my desk)

46.  I haven’t been sick in over 7 years.

47.  I build my own websites.

48.  I am constantly in research mode and looking for innovative ways to help improve the lives of others.

49.  I read some of an inspirational book every day.

50.  I love to host dinner parties!


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