4 Simple Tips to Start Your Day the Best Way

How we start our day is very important.  If you start your day believing it will be no good you will begin to look for things that are no good.  When you begin your day with garbage food and drink you will feel like garbage.  So, I have provided you with 4 tips to start your day the best way.  These tips will help you to create your best day and ultimately your best life!


Tip 1:  Practice Immediate Gratitude

Before you even put your feet on the floor think of 3 things you are grateful for in your life.  Smile and really take it all in.  You may be going through a lot but you are very blessed.   Sometimes we just lose sight of how much we really have to be grateful for.

Tip 2:  Drink a Tall Glass of Warm Distilled Water with Lemon

This drink will help to start the process of flushing out your toxins and help to alkaline your body.  An slightly alkaline body is a healthy body.  Illness cannot thrive in a slightly alkaline body.

Tip 3: Drink a Green Smoothie or Green Juice

Greens are amazing!! They help to alkalize your body and give you the energy surge you need to start your day right.

Tip 4:  Do 15 Minutes of Exercise 

Now this will really get you pumped.  🙂 When you get your body moving everything begins to wake up and work at the optimal level.

So, there you have it.  Quick and to the point.  Just the way I like it.  Please like to share with your peeps.  I would love to hear your comments as well.  Have an awesome day!! Make it the best day yet. xoxoxox





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